Monday, June 16, 2008

Another sewing project

Ok - my bff Jana (her blog) and I have been busy. OK - she is just motivating me to sew now! I sewed this cute purse yesterday - it didn't take too long and it was fun. We found a GREAT fabric shop in town and got fabric on sale to make more ruffled pants and purses. I think we're going to make some twirly skirts this week too.

I have ONE week till we leave Kodiak. I'm going to miss my friends! And once we leave, it will be a while until I'm crafty again. Jana has the BEST basement with anything that you could ever need for crafting - so I still can craft until we leave.


Foust Family said...

Very cute, I have always wanted to make one of these purses, I just haven't had the time or my sewing machine, which is in the storage shed. I will have to make one when we move. Good work! Enjoy your last week of crafting!

Tiona said...

This purse is very cute - I definitely need to learn how to make this!