Saturday, December 20, 2008

Teaching Abby shapes

Ok - So Abby loves to learn and loves to help me craft. This morning, we decided to make a project that would help her with both!

We have a low window that she is always trying to look out of. Really no point to the window except the let water in during a hurricane (yep, Hurricane Omar pushed all kinds of water through the edges of these windows)

We used my Cricut expressions, some Wall pops (vinyl in the wallpaper section of Lowe's) and the George and basic shapes cartridge for the Cricut. We cut all the shapes and put them on the window. Now Abby is going up to them, pointing to them and saying what shapes they are (most of them - we need to work on Octagon, square and rectangle)

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Tessa said...

What fun Lisa! My son Kaden learned his shapes very early on! Colors he had trouble with for some reason - we thought he might be color blind!