Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new craft area

I keep telling my BFF Jana that I will take pictures of my craft area, but hadn't done it yet. I LOVE my area at our new house! DH let me use all 3 tables! Now I can have all my tools out and still have area to work! I have my sewing machine set up (need to make a cover for it), the main computer (for the Cricut CDS), my Cricut, cuttlebug, Scor-pal, and pretty much everything I need AND I still have work area!!!!!!!

I love my new area! I love that I have a WHOLE closet to store my "extra" stuff in.... Yeah - I have WAY too much stuff! I need to start using it or giving away a lot more blog candy! Oh - and I need to stop buying...... Ok, that probably won't happen, but at least I can challenge myself to start using my stash more!
The mess of a closet! I will say that it would have been much more organized, BUT the weekend we were moving in, they showed the house to potential buyers, so I had to put it away QUICK! I can still find everything, but it's a mess... need to clean it up soon!
It's not all my stuff in there. The front Iris storage cart is my daughters craft stuff. She has a LOT - she has another box in her bedroom with craft stuff too. Yep - she's only 2 and already has her own stash! We have to stock up because there are really no craft supplies on the island.


C Preston said...

Wow that looks different than when I saw it:):):) Looks great lisa.

Jana M. said...

GREAT SPACE!!!! I wanna come stamp with you THERE! :)

Miss ya tons, friend!

Lauri said...

wow!! Love your space and how you can spread out!!!