Thursday, August 19, 2010

In addition to scrapping, I have been making these

LOVE making them! I need to make more! I made a couple camera strap covers using 3 different tutorials online. Changed a few things to make it the way I liked it and turned out with these. They have fusible fleece interfacing inside to help make it softer on my neck (nice with my new heavier lens)
LinkI HAVE to make one of these with minky material for me! This one was for a photographer friend. It is SO soft! She used it at a photo shoot today and said it was great! I am definitely going to make one with minky for me (going shopping tomorrow!)

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Amy said...

I LOVE my strap! Absolutely LOVE it!! I think I'd like to order a couple more so that I can switch them out... and maybe wash them occasionally :)

You are crazy talented!