Saturday, February 11, 2012

another sewing post

I have finished up a few projects lately! I have a ton of material ready to make some cloth diapers (as my husband says, I've gone a little crunchy). I started cloth diapering Lexi and love it! The fluffy diaper bum is SO much cuter than disposable. I figured I was washing poo (TMI) out of her clothes more often than I wanted - the cloth diapers have proved to be BETTER than disposable for us! We never have blow-outs anymore!

While cloth diapering - I wash diapers a lot. At first, I was laying the wet ones on the floor in the laundry room or throwing them in the washer (then always needed the washer). I figured a wet bag to hang on the wall in the hall would keep them contained and then no one would step on them...

Finished up this one (first time putting in a zipper) and love it! No more smell from diapers sitting around and it holds pretty much all the diapers before I need to wash

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Tessa said...

wow! look at you sewing!