Thursday, February 21, 2013

tooth fairy box

 We FINALLY have a missing tooth! She has been working on that tooth for over 2 weeks now! Monday she was wiggling it all day - right after dinner, she was pushing it all the way down (I was totally grossed out) and it started to bleed, so she ran to get a tissue. She was "dabbing" the blood, I told her to just yank the tooth.... So, she did.

After her younger sister went to bed, we got to work on her very simple tooth fairy box. I had a couple mini paint tins in my craft closet, we cut the paper to fit, then Abby helped me  use some There She Goes stamps (Tooth Fairy approved) to decorate (she added stickers after I was finished with pictures)
 She was VERY excited to put her tooth in there and couldn't wait to see what the tooth fairy brought when she woke up. Good thing she knows the tooth fairy takes teeth....
Teeth gross me out. I could never assist/work at a dentist office.

Paint tin
AC cardstock
Tsukineko ink
Tooth Fairy Approved stamps

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Tessa Miller-Schweder said...

Super cute! Teeth gross me out too! I hate hate hate teeth!