Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ladybugs, dragonflies, and bees

Tonight Abby and I went to town and had dinner with our friends, the Nelsons (we're going to miss them tons!!!!!) and then we got crafty while the kids played. We found a site the other night that had tutorials to make your own hairbows. Abby's hair is getting long enough to fit into pigtails and a one ponytail (it's a little messy) and I thought they would be very adorable in her hair (I'll have to remember to take a picture with them in her hair when I put them in too). We got out ribbon and our hot glue guns and got to work.

Ladybugs - I had a maroon color instead of red - but they turned out cute!
These are the bees - I only had peach, no yellow

I am now going to be shopping for CUTE ribbon every time I go to the store. There are a ton more tutorials, so I am going to make Abby a ton of bows! I want to make a korker bow next... so will post pictures when I get that done


Foust Family said...

These are so adorable! What is the address for this website? They are so different, but so cute!

Jenny said...

Hey Lisa, this is your cousin Jenny. I love your blogs! And these hair ribbons make me wish Amy was a baby again so I could make them for her.