Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok - I asked around the mom's club that I am in to see if anyone drinks those little Starbucks bottles. Well - I got a email today from someone who's co-worker drinks them daily. I get to go pick some up later this week - she has almost a whole case of rinsed out bottles! I have some ideas already.....

I have been working on a few scrapbook pages lately - need to take some pictures

I have been cleaning and putting more stuff away, so card making stopped. My craft table is VERY clean right now though - and I have made so many little crafts for Abby who stands at the craft table at least 10 times a day and says "make something mommy" over and over.

Oh yeah - Tropical Depression 15 is going to hit us tomorrow or Thursday, probably as a Tropical storm or a hurricane. We're getting all our stuff moved away from windows and closing the hurricane shutters tonight. ARGH. I would rather be shoveling snow than worrying about the 15-30 inches of rain we're going to get in the next couple of days.

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