Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some simple cards

The store I work at does a card club once a month. The ladies who come get to make 5 cards of 5 different designs - they leave with 25 cards. That takes a while to finish - so when we prepare the class, we have to make them simple cards.

I love Unity and we sell Unity at the store, so for these cards, I used Unity. The paper is mainly American crafts cardstock (which we carry at the store) and a couple pieces of pattern paper.

The girls had fun and changed things up to make their "own" creations with the rest of the stamps I had taken with me. I had fun teaching this class!


Shelley said...

Cute cards! 25 is a lot to make for one class!

lynn said...

sweet cards, lisa!

Sea Glass said...

Love these cards!